Café Lautrec at 452 Oxford St Paddington, was inspired by the work of Toulouse Lautrec and our French Chef Rapha who has over many years refined the secrets of French Cuisine. Owners Mark & Jennifer were looking for a French Experience they so often enjoyed in Paris and so Café Lautrec was created in Paddington.

Café Lautrec is a destination for Lovers of Fine Food and art. An adjoining Gallery holds a collection of the odd, absurd, rare and simply beautiful antiques, collectables and jewellery.

A weekly online Auction  also  features in the Café on Saturdays and the collection of Antiquarian Books is for those that love unique subject with a historical bent. Mark a numismatist of thirty years is a fountain of knowledge for those interested in Collecting buying or selling.

Café Lautrec embodies our love and passion for unique, eclectic and unusual pieces of history, from fine jewellery to rare artefacts.  

The pieces that fill our gallery space have been collated for over 40 years, ranging from rare artist sketches, bank notes and coins perfect for the avid collector and an exquisite range of Antique & Vintage gemstone jewellery.

Open 7 days a week with weekly Auctions, you can share the experience that Smalls Auctions, Trésors, and Café Lautrec have to offer.

We offer French fare of fresh seasonal  fruits and vegetables as well as salads, quiches,  pies, soups, and tartelettes to die for! The menu features quality food, cooked daily by our chef with fresh ingredients from the market and sometimes from France. Try our traditional French Baguettes and Croissant or perhaps just a Madeliene and Hot Coffee from a our tried and true Barista. Then be Tempted by our Gourmet cakes !!!

 We welcome you to Cafe  Lautrec  soon to open 7 days.